How does “The Taste of Silence ?” make the difference about Wine selection?

The Taste of Silence?  is a new unusual venue developed by the team of the famous Dans le Noir ? Restaurant. Like Dans le Noir ? The Taste of Silence ? the idea is not only an immersive interesting experience. The team may much attention to the quality of food (ingredients and cooking) and beverages.

Wine is a key point in the restaurant business. Dans le Noir ? and The Taste of Silence ? wine selection are driven by Fabio Sutera, a blind sommelier with certificate. Born in the vineyards in Italy, Fabio has worked for many years at Dans le Noir ? as guide and has a great experience of British and client's taste about wine. Every month he proposes to Severine Soulian  the General Manager of the Dans le Noir restaurants in London, an update of the wine card. Fabio tastes regularly new wine with some other Dans le Noir ? guides he used to train to get the most interesting card and surprise wine for clients. Degustation is organized in the pitch dark and Fabio sometime invite sighted people to join like wine experts, wine amateurs,

Soon Fabio will propose at Dans le Noir ? A Wine degustation workshop in the dark. A Unique sensory experience for wine amateurs and club.

Monday to Friday : 12pm to 2pm (last order) closing at 3pm
Tuesday to Thursday: 6:30pm to 8:30pm (last order) closing at 9:30pm
Friday and Saturday: 6:30pm to 9:30pm (last order) closing at 10:30pm